According to data from, specific health-care functional foods (single) and nutrient supplements (single) are still the two best-selling categories in China’s urban physical pharmacy terminal health care product market, with a combined share of more than 99% in 2021.

Most of the early consumers’ awareness of regulating intestinal flora stayed at the level of dairy products such as yogurt. In recent years, with the upgrading of technology, the products have become more diversified, covering the fields of food and health care products. As a health care product that regulates intestinal flora, it has obvious advantages such as being more direct, more effective, and easier to store, and has gradually gained the favor and support of consumers.

With the rapid development of China’s intestinal flora-adjusting health care products market, some securities analysts have said that compared with the United States and Japan, China’s intestinal flora-adjusting health care products market has 8-16 times the growth space, and the potential is expected.

From the perspective of the adaptable population, the proportion of children is declining year by year, and the proportion of other groups of people is increasing year by year. The proportion of this type of health care products in 2021 is actively expanding to other groups such as adults and the elderly. As the age increases, the gastrointestinal digestive function of the elderly gradually declines, and the adult population has frequent intestinal problems due to work pressure. These two groups are expected to become new growth drivers.

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