New trends in traditional nutritional supplements industry

With the younger generation of health consumers, new product demands are constantly being tapped. In order to meet new consumer demands such as “punk health” and “lazy health”, more and more brands have begun to promote the innovation of nutritional consumer products. In particular, traditional nutritional supplement brands have begun to innovate and upgrade their […]

How can brands respond to the marketing changes brought about by Generation Alpha?

Futurist and demographer Mark McCrindle calls everyone born after 2010 “Generation Alpha.” Generation alpha, also known as the post-10s generation, is the first generation born in the 21st century, also known as the “children of millennials”. After emerging from the womb, they can play with smart devices in both hands, even use the pacifier to […]

The health product market is in blue ocean: the best channel for overseas health products is to enter the Chinese market

In 2021, the market size of China’s health care products industry will reach 270.8 billion RMB, an increase of 20.5 billion RMB compared with 2020, a year-on-year increase of 8.19%. In terms of consumption attributes, health food has gradually changed from optional consumer goods to must-have consumer goods, and has gradually changed from high-end consumer […]

This kind of health care products has continued to grow for three years, and the sales have exceeded 1 billion RMB for the first time

More than 30% of babies in China suffer from allergies, and the demand for anti-allergic products has greatly increased!!!

In this special period of home epidemic prevention, allergic diseases cannot be ignored either. Especially for families with mothers and babies, allergies have always been a headache. The “2022 Anti-Allergy White Paper for Mothers and Infants” recently released by BabyTree shows that the attention of mothers and infants to allergy problems has shown a continuous […]

Reviewing 618 activities in 2022 to gain insight into the new trends!

This year, the total sales of 168 first-level categories for 618 activities under the Tmall platform reached 242.47 billion RMB. The skin care industry has the highest sales of 18.45 billion RMB; the jewelry industry has the highest growth rate, reaching 142.3%, with sales reaching 3.23 billion RMB. However, due to the weakening of consumption […]