EZICON Group-Participate in 2024 Annual Meeting of Institute of Food Research and Entrepreneur for Safety and Health

Institute of Food Research and Entrepreneur for Safety and Health (iFRESH, referred to as the Love Fresh Food Alliance) is led by the National Taiwan Ocean University. It was established in 2015 in collaboration with more than ten leading professors and hundreds of related professionals from the Taiwan Health Care Society and the outlying islands in the north, middle, south and east of the country. University professors and experts in the field. Provide scientific basis and technology for the research and development of high-quality local safe and healthy ingredients, guide the industry from the source of raw materials, through strict quality control and manufacturing, and then link the market and food safety logistics systems to supply channels, and provide technical consultation Service and technology exchange, product inspection, integrated marketing and promotion of products.


As a leading promoter of global precision health, EZICON Group is very honored to be invited to participate in the 2024 Taiwan Fresh Food Safety and Health Alliance Annual Conference, the New Agricultural Industry Research Results Presentation of Aquatic and Livestock Ripening and the International Symposium on Food, Agriculture and Health Technology. Through on-site promotion and communication, we promote the provision of legal and sustainable cross-border market solutions for the general health industry, create a high reputation and high sales niche for the brand in the Greater China market, and through personalized, precise and intelligent Healthy Selection provides consumers with carefully selected and precise health promotion services and products from around the world, realizing the dream of zero-distance health for all mankind, so that all mankind can have a healthy and prosperous life.


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