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FLAREMAX INTERNATIONAL LTD. – PPC plus polyunsaturated phospholipid choline

L’elpis, a brand of Fuyouquan International Enterprise Co., Ltd., originated from ancient European legends. Ancient Europe believed that nature can bring the power of self-healing. The earth breeds all life and has its mysterious power. The goddess L’elpis represents the patron goddess in charge of the fountain of youth. Persistence/professionalism (insisting on excellence and only […]

EZICON Group-Participate in 2024 Annual Meeting of Institute of Food Research and Entrepreneur for Safety and Health

Institute of Food Research and Entrepreneur for Safety and Health (iFRESH, referred to as the Love Fresh Food Alliance) is led by the National Taiwan Ocean University. It was established in 2015 in collaboration with more than ten leading professors and hundreds of related professionals from the Taiwan Health Care Society and the outlying islands […]

Hanben – E-Beauty

“Providing customers with high-quality products” is the business philosophy that Hanben Enterprise Co., Ltd. adheres to, ensuring original products with zero additions. We hope that everyone can enjoy the good things. “A career is meaningful when it is helpful to relatives and friends”, and “A company must contribute to human society in order to be […]

Tianliang Biotechnology – See Love go Perfect Nutritional Jelly

Tianliang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. turns the expectations of every parent into nutritious growth jelly, starting from love, integrity and care, and using simple power to protect the future and health of children. According to domestic medical statistics, the number of cases of precocious puberty affecting the growth and development of children is increasing year by […]

Acamed Pharma & Biotech – SmarT

Acamed Pharma & Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. It is an industry-university cooperation management team and the research results of a top R&D team. It develops diversified new chemical drugs, new plant drugs, health care products, cosmeceuticals, and high-tech Chinese herbal medicine production technology platforms. business, and uses the latest high-tech processes to […]

Salamander Biotech – Oral Wound Patch

Salamander Biotech Co., Ltd. is a team with more than 5 years of experience in biomedical material technology research and medical device product development. It is committed to the research and development of biomedical materials. It has been developed through the continuous challenge and innovation capabilities of the professional team. High-quality medical device products that […]