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“Providing customers with high-quality products” is the business philosophy that Hanben Enterprise Co., Ltd. adheres to, ensuring original products with zero additions. We hope that everyone can enjoy the good things. “A career is meaningful when it is helpful to relatives and friends”, and “A company must contribute to human society in order to be sustainable.” Hanben Enterprise Co., Ltd. will maintain its consistent high quality in the future and strive towards sustainable management.


Hanben Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is committed to the manufacturing and development of pure plant nutritional supplements. As a nutritional supplement manufacturer with a sense of responsibility and mission, it has strict adherence to food safety requirements and has international standards. Food safety testing comprehensively checks the quality and safety of products. In addition, Hanben Enterprise Co., Ltd. is also actively planning industry-university cooperation to enhance more rigorous product development and upgrades. 👍👍👍

Hanben’s “E-Beauty” is a precious golden ratio formula prepared by American professional biotech doctors for many years. It contains 18 top-quality natural amino acids and trace elements. It provides all-round care and beauty from the inside out. , regulate physiological functions, promote metabolism, resist oxidation, promote skin health, and maintain youth and beauty at the same time! 👏👏👏



EZICON Group is honored to join hands with Hanben Enterprise Co., Ltd. to cooperate in the cross-border Chinese market to seize business opportunities in the RMB 300 billion biomedical and health care consumer market, provide special and high-quality beauty and health care products to the vast number of consumer groups, and achieve health the ideal of zero distance across borders. 💪💪💪

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