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L’elpis, a brand of Fuyouquan International Enterprise Co., Ltd., originated from ancient European legends. Ancient Europe believed that nature can bring the power of self-healing. The earth breeds all life and has its mysterious power. The goddess L’elpis represents the patron goddess in charge of the fountain of youth. Persistence/professionalism (insisting on excellence and only doing the best); symbiosis/common good (coexisting with nature and sharing good things with people), L’elpis Technology is committed to health care, originating from the most rigorous production technology spirit in Germany. We ensure the safety and pollution-free source of raw materials and production processes as well as their effectiveness, and provide the best scientific anti-aging solutions by adhering to the same high-end quality as the maintenance treatments used in high-end European beauty therapy clubs.

Judy Huang, Account Assistant Manager of EZICON Group’s Cross-border Business Division, said: “After EZICON Group’s strict global brand investment selection and product selection process, the “PPC plus polyunsaturated phospholipid choline” of FLAREMAX INTERNATIONAL LTD. stands out.” In addition to the high unit PPC content, PPC plus polyunsaturated phospholipid choline products also add linseed oil and curcuminoids, which are rich in Omega-3, to help the body regulate, and also add high units of vitamin B complex to fight fatigue. , supplement the body’s needs, promote metabolism, reduce its risk factors, and help metabolize free radicals to activate cells, which can enhance physical strength, improve work fatigue, lethargy and other problems.”


EZICON Group is honored to cooperate with FLAREMAX INTERNATIONAL LTD. in the cross-border Chinese market to seize business opportunities in the RMB 300 billion health care consumer market, provide excellent health care products to a wide range of consumer groups, and achieve zero-distance cross-border health. ideal. 💪💪💪


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