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The founder of Perfect Skin Studio has loved beauty, been curious about beauty, and appreciated beauty since he was a child. In an environment full of beauty, the deeper he gets, the more he understands the hard work and cost of beauty. It is very difficult to be simple but achieve the same effect; to have many functions but not too many There are a lot of troubles; you want high value but not high price; you want peace of mind but also be attentive and reassured. Just because you are involved in the work, you want to take the smoothest road to love beauty with people who believe in it.


Thus, TINAYA was born – a skin care brand that puts all the efforts into it, a beauty brand that pursues natural, effective and safe products. The founder personally participates in the research and testing of each product, and absolutely requires inspection certification and high standards of quality. Check, combine all the greed for beauty, and then share these crystallizations with everyone. In the future, we will devote ourselves to more research and development and improve new products. Our love for beauty will not stop, and TINAYA will not stop its efforts. Let TINAYA become everyone’s beauty LEADER! 👍👍👍

TINAYA Purifying Acne Cream – Contains tea tree essential oil, eucalyptus leaf, and burdock extract, which can reduce acne scars, balance oil, and have a concealing effect. It can quickly soothe acne and acne, improve the red and swollen appearance of acne pustules, and can also treat mosquito bites. It can improve redness, swelling and itching, quickly improve acne and acne, and is applicable to the whole body! 👏👏👏


EZICON Group is honored to join hands with Perfect Skin Studio to cooperate in the cross-border Chinese market to seize business opportunities in the RMB 300 billion health care consumer market, provide excellent skin care products to a large number of consumer groups, and realize the ideal of cross-border health and zero distance.💪💪💪


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